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What if I don’t have an iDecide ID?

If you’d like to use an iDecide that someone else created, simply ask them for their iDecide ID. If you’d like to create your own, click here to learn more about paying a one-time fee to have your own built.

Will I know when someone watches my iDecide?

Yes! You’ll be notified when they start to watch it, and again when they make choices in the presentation.

Can I get notifications by text?

Yes! You can choose text or email notifications

Can I use more than 1 iDecide presentation?

Yes! Just enter the iDecide IDs to add presentations to your account.

Can I use iDecide with my auto responders, email campaigns, etc?
Yes! Watch this short video to learn how.

Where do I find the iDecide ID?

You’ll get the iDecide ID from the person who referred you to us, so you’re doing the same presentation. If no one referred you, email [email protected] for one.

How are iDecide presentations sent?

Text, email, Messenger… any way you like!

Can I post my iDecide instead of sending it?

Yes! On websites, in emails, auto responders, on social media… anywhere!

Is there a limit on how many presentations I can do?

No! Use iDecide as often as you like and as much as you like!

What happens to my presentations if i cancel my account?

Your presentations will be deactivated upon cancellation.

Is there an iDecide app?

iDecide is web based, but you can easily add an icon to your device to go straight to your login page. Click Here for instructions.


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Copyright 2017

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